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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saudi Student Deported After Threatening Goodwill Store Shoppers

A Saudi Arabian national and former student at Ball State University has been deported after being arrested in March for the alleged violent threatening of shoppers at an Indiana Goodwill store unless they converted to Islam.

Khalid Sulaiman Bilal, 24, was arrested on March 25, accused of threatening people in a Muncie, Indiana, Goodwill store. Police said Bilal was “forcibly” trying to convert shoppers to Islam, Fox 59 reported.

Bilal, charged with 15 crimes, reportedly threatened shoppers, resisted arrest, attacked police, and choked a store clerk, the Muncie Star Press reported.

In March, Fox 59 described the incident vividly:


Anonymous said...

Bye bye!

Anonymous said...

But so many oppose our good president that is attempting to protect us, which is number one priority of government.

Anonymous said...

One down a million more to go.

Anonymous said...

Should have been force feed a ham sandwich and shot by firing squad

bayman said...

Everyone in the store should have jumped him and kicked his azz.