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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Senate Judiciary Committee Opens Probe Into Loretta Lynch

As more Democrats have started to question why former Attorney General Loretta Lynch was never investigated for obstruction following a suspicious meeting with former President Bill Clinton, it appears the Senate Judiciary Committee has finally decided to act.

The Washington Times reported Friday that the committee has launched a formal investigation into Lynch’s attempts to shape the FBI’s probe into Hillary Clinton, and whether she mishandled classified information on her private email server.

According to the Times, the investigation has bipartisan support.



Anonymous said...

About time. Now we are going to get in to some real investigations with substance. Too much evidence this go round and we are going to see some squirming; what is really going to be interesting is how deep this investigation will go and to what lengths (in terms of punishment) the justice department will take. I would suggest fastening seat belts; the swamp is about to be drained.

Jim said...

She's about as corrupt as they come. In the same league as Janet Reno and Eric Holder.

Lock her up. If she's so fond of Hillary that she would do anything she was told, maybe the two of them can share a cell.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see her rot away in prison. The skank is no good. You can take one look at her and see she is a lying POS just like Obama and Clinton and the rest of the democrat party.

Anonymous said...

Good Send her butt to jail.

Anonymous said...

Lock her (and Hillary) up!