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Friday, February 06, 2015

Wal-Mart / Target Selling Bogus Supplements?

Maybe they just forgot to add the gingko biloba.

The New York Attorney General has ordered WalMart (WMT), GNC (GNC), Target (TGT) andWalgreens (WBA) to stop selling certain herbal supplements that it says don't contain the herbal ingredient on the label, or contain only a small amount of it.

The demands came in cease and desist letters addressed to company executives that were dated Monday. The New York Timesfirst reported the letters.

The letters included statements like: "No St. John's Wort DNA was identified." "No plant genetic material of any sort was identified in the product labeled Echinacea." And some contained allergens like wheat that were not properly labeled.



Anonymous said...

So says the NY state attorney general.
Do you believe anything from a democrat political anti capitalist hack like him?

Anonymous said...

529-I'll take his word. The vitamin and supplement biz is a 30+B marketplace. It should be regulated. It'll discourage the 21st century snake oil biz.