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Friday, February 06, 2015

Soldier who flew with Brian Williams tells his side of the story

Soldiers who flew with NBC anchor Brian Williams in Iraq in 2003 - when he falsely claimed he was on a helicopter when it was hit by enemy fire - have slammed his lies.

Williams was forced to apologize on air and on Facebook on Wednesday after the group of soldiers accused him of lying about the crash in a segment on the Nightly News on Friday.

While a helicopter was forced to land after being hit that day, it was not carrying Williams. He was in a separate aircraft more than half an hour behind that landed without incident.

'He was actually on my aircraft and we came in behind [the other helicopter] about 30-45 minutes later,' Sgt. 1st Class Joseph Miller, the flight engineer on the helicopter that carried the journalists, wrote on Facebook after NBC shared a link to Williams' story.



Anonymous said...

I love it when they get caught in a lie and then they go into damage control! They know people are tuning out of the nightly news services. Even foxs news was O'Reilly factor was trying to put down people who are now going to alternative media, like yours to get the news. I think they are now threatened by this and the loss of viewership. They are trying to make us out to be ignorant fools. Like liberals, only they know what is best for us and they will tell us only what we need to know!

JoeAlbero said...

They also fabricate news, especially locally. Mike Dunn is being out to look like a hero for bringing back the festival of lights and the fireworks, yet he was the Council President who took them away in the first place.

Then there are all of the fabricated ethics charges and violations the Daily Times wants to create about Bob Culver.

How about the RACIAL FIGHTS at Stephen Decatur High School in Berlin written by, (get this) their sports reporter.

Its all about an agenda. The local media can't stand that Culver is doing an incredible job and the same goes for Hogan.

Salisbury News delivers you the facts, the truth. Do we make mistakes, absolutely but they are very minor and more importantly when we do we bring it up immediately and ask for forgiveness.

There's no acceptance, (in my opinion) for LIES & FABRICATION!

Anonymous said...

He also lied about what he seen in Katrina google it.

Anonymous said...

Williams "misremembered." Now they've found some quake "doctor" to say it's the fog of war phenomenon or some nonsense like that. Either way Williams needs to go. I doubt that will happen though. Liberals are weak people with no morals who don't mind being lied to.

Anonymous said...

No surprise. ALL democrats are pathological liars-each and every single one. Lying is the ONLY thing they excel at.
And if you claim to be a democrat and say you don't lie, you are a very sick and disturbed person for identifying with the democrat party. There is no such thing as a good democrat.

Anonymous said...

The traditional media is held up to a high standard for truth telling and rightly so, unlike blogs which often portray opiono as fact. This is the basic difference between the two.

JoeAlbero said...

10:05, Are you suggesting what I publish is not fact, or a lie?

Anonymous said...

Looks like 10:05 is from the media!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Dan Rather and some of things he misspoke about. Its called selective memory, I know a lot of people with this trait, if you speak the truth you don't have to worry about getting nailed.

Anonymous said...

When Hilary Clinton was on trial for different offensives, she would simply state, I don't recall or I don't remember!

Anonymous said...

Wow 2:40 I can't belive you brought up Hillary she's a whole different class of liar,a real professional. Brian Williams is a lying sack of crap but hillary is completly off the charts.