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Friday, February 06, 2015

NBC News had known Brian William's war story was false for years

As a series of ex-soldiers come forward to criticize Brian Williams for his ‘stolen valor’ Iraq war story, it is being reported that top level executives at NBC News had known the tale was fake and had been begging the newscaster for years to stop repeating it.

Williams is at a center of a media firestorm after he was found out for embellishing an old war story about being in a helicopter hit by a grenade during the Iraq war in 2003.

The newscaster acted swiftly on Wednesday night to attempt to diffuse the situation by apologizing during his Nightly News show, but since then a series of ex-soldiers have come forward to criticize Williams ‘half-hearted’ apology.



Anonymous said...

NBC, ABC, and CBS are all liers. Fox is slightly better. Thank God for alternative news sources otherwise nobody would actually know what is really going on.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how many others lies they have told that they are not admitting to?