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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Americans Are Dying With An Average Of $61,500 In Debt

According to a recent study, the average total household debt in America is just over $132,500, broken down as per the chart below...
... and thanks to the Fed's recent and ongoing rate increases, the repayment of said debt will become increasingly more difficult. So difficult, in fact, that most Americans will be saddled with a sizable chunk of it at the time of their death.

Actually, most already are.

According to December 2016 data from credit bureau Experian provided to, 73% of American consumers had outstanding debt when they were reported as dead. Those consumers carried an average total balance of $61,554, including mortgage debt.Without home loans, the average balance was $12,875.



Anonymous said...

That's it? Considering housing and car prices are through the roof, this seems like a low number.

Anonymous said...

Most Americans are terrible at spending wisely and saving.

Anonymous said...

Due to the government wanting the average person to be a slave, most Americans have nothing left to save after food, health insurance, car and home insurance, electric bill, clothing and other basic necessities, etc.

Anonymous said...

Why not die in debt. Who are they going to collect from when you have nothing

Anonymous said...

It is an average.
Don't worry the financiers (bankers) will find a way to keep it growing.