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Friday, May 08, 2015

Part-Time Jobs Soar By 437,000; Full-Time Jobs Tumble, Stay Firmly Under Pre-Recession Highs

For all the talk about a jobs recovery and about a US economy that has put the great financial crisis and recession of 2007/8 in the rear view mirror, don't tell it to those workers who desire a full-time job and instead are forced to settle with measly part-time offerings (mostly courtesy of Obamacare). Because as the chart below shows, as of April 2015, the number of full-time jobs remained well below the pre-recession peak, which incidentally was hit on December 2007, the month the last recession officially started.

We bring this up because in April, while the establishment survey reported a number that was just below the consensus estimate (even if it revised the March number lower by 50%), the household survey painted a far less optimistic picture, with the number of part-time jobs surging by nearly half a million, the worst print since last June, while the number of full-time jobs tumbled by 252K, also the biggest drop in nearly a year.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting his truth that so many others in media seek to ignore. Once again you are at the front of the pack SBY news, setting a standard that other media outlets need to learn from ! As for our economy brought by the lame Potus, I am working class and can tell you the job market is nothing less than horrible. The only two things that are consistent and increasing in my life are taxes and bills. What stimulus? There is nothing stimulating about the economy from my vantage point.

Anonymous said...

You can thank Obama Care for this! Employers will be forced to pay benefits if you work over 32 hours or more per week. And where is that hope and change? Where is the recovery that the news media keeps taking about? I personally haven't seen it!

Anonymous said...

It's a gravy train if you are a teacher or administrator!!!!

Anonymous said...

If the taxpayers pay the salaries then they are doing well.

Anonymous said...

We're still in the Crap Hole, as the MSM touts the "end of the recession".

I guess if you consider the present Depression the "end of the recession", you may be able to pull the wool over a few eyes...

Unfortunately, I'm still awake.