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Friday, May 08, 2015


A peer-reviewed study finding that shale drilling and fracking contaminates Pennsylvania drinking water has been announced at this U.S. National Academy of Sciences site:

It's not just our water and environment
that frackers have been polluting for profit.
They've also been busy polluting science
as taught in our universities.
Now under ethics review, a prominent Syracuse University scientist's recent "study” that was secretly funded by Chesapeake Energy found that drinking wells in Pennsylvania are not being contaminated by nearby fracking wells.

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A Syracuse
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Lead author, Donald Siegel,
Chairman of Earth Sciences
at Syracuse University:
declined to specify the fee amount he
received from Chesapeake Energy, other than to say, "I didn't get rich."
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One of four co-authors, Bert Smith, worked for Chesapeake when the "study" took place -- and works for the company today:

     "The guidelines are very, very clear that authors must reveal any potential relevant financial interest. There are no gray areas here. It's very clear he did not reveal he got a fee from (Chesapeake)."
     --Syracuse attorney Joe Heath
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     "While Chesapeake has never admitted responsibility for water contamination, the company has paid millions in settlements to Bradford [County, Pa.] residents since 2011....

     "The New York Times found that the EPA knew about groundwater contamination from fracking as far back as 1987. In fact, links between shale drilling, fracking, and groundwater contamination have been well documented. But that has not stopped an industry-funded campaign of denial on the issue. The fracking industry has spent big to keep people in the dark on the real impacts from fracking...."

     -- From “Fracking chemicals found in Pennsylvania water wells, EPA hamstrung by industry meddling,” by Jesse Coleman, at this May 5, 2015 Huffington Post site:

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     "No industry is worth trading for the safety of our drinking water. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection needs to make the protection of our water a top priority."

     -- From “Fracking must never cost Pennsylvania safe, clean water,” the Lancaster, Pa.LNP editorial posted at this May 6, 2015 site:

For further information:   
1. “Fracking Study on Water Contamination Under Ethics Review: Chesapeake Energy paid undisclosed fees to the lead author, whose study was based on water samples provided by the company,” by Neela Banerjee, at this April 6, 2015 InsideClimate News site:
2. "Critics say SU prof hid ties to gas driller Chesapeake in fracking study,” by Glenn Coin, at this April 10, 2015 Syracuse, NY Post-Standard:

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Anonymous said...

I guess we have to weight the issue , drink water or freeze to death. I got it , boil the water and distill it , with the gas .
Then run it through several filters for heavy metals. Simple solution , cost is about , $350.00 a quart.

Anonymous said...

It must be Perdue and the soybean plant causing this.

Anonymous said...