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Friday, May 08, 2015

Cut to the Chase: Decline of Black Family on Full Display in Baltimore

But according to President Obama, Republicans are not spending enough money in the inner cities. Pure B.S.

Liberals have destroyed Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia, Cleveland and trying their best to bring New York to the “bad old days”.

CNS News reports the rioting in Baltimore is disturbing to all Americans, as the unresolved cause of Freddie Gray’s death while in police custody should be as well.

It is right that political and religious leaders, community groups, business organizations and law enforcement officials are commenting about all the causes and effects of the riots. However, one thing seems missing from the discussion, a factor whose omission is unacceptable. It’s called fatherhood.

The rioting is inexcusable but should not be wholly surprising. It is likely that the great majority of it was done by young black men — young black men without fathers.



Anonymous said...

In any way,shape or form,can the rest of us be the blame for black fatherless young men? The anger issue is there,so obviously they want to blame someone for irresponsible behavior.

Anonymous said...

Read it-The 1965 Moynihan Report-
From Wiki-
"The Negro Family: The Case For National Action (the 1965 Moynihan Report) was written by Assistant Secretary of Labor[1] Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a sociologist and later U.S. Senator. It focused on the deep roots of black poverty in America and concluded controversially that the relative absence of nuclear families (those having both a father and mother present) would greatly hinder further progress toward economic and political equality"