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Friday, May 08, 2015

Report: Hamas Set to Conduct Paragliding Attacks Against Israel

Hamas is developing an air attack capability – by recruiting Palestinian students in Malaysia to carry out attacks on Israel using paragliding equipment, a report by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center. The report reveals two incidents in which Hamas was found to be conducting training of Palestinian students for such attacks in that country.

In a recent indictment against a terrorist from Hevron, Wasim Kawasme, it was revealed that he was recruited with other students from Judea and Samaria to train for such attacks.

According to the report, the terrorists underwent at least a week of training in Malaysia, using paragliding equipment in preparation for a terror attack in Israel. The group was warned not to tell anyone about their training, and not to even discuss paragliding with anyone. Kawasme and others underwent several sessions, the most recent one in 2014.

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Anonymous said...

Fish in a barrel

Anonymous said...

Skeet shooting to become the a very popular sport in Israel...

Anonymous said...

Do they think they're invisible?

Anonymous said...

I say let them "have at it".