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Friday, May 08, 2015

Get Ready for More Riots: Baltimore Prosecutor’s Charges Against Cops Doomed to Fail

This is all gong to come to no good, say many court watchers.

The Baltimore police investigation into the death of a black man from injuries sustained in police custody fails to support some charges filed by the city prosecutor, CNN reported on Thursday.

Citing officials briefed on the separate probes by prosecutor Marilyn Mosby and police into the death of Freddie Gray, the television news network said the lack of support for charges from the police findings could allow lawyers representing the officers to undercut the prosecution.

Gray, 25, sustained spinal injuries after being arrested, and his death on April 19 sparked protests and a day of arson and looting in the largely African American city.

Mosby charged six officers on Friday with counts ranging from false imprisonment to manslaughter and second-degree murder. She made her announcement hours after the state medical examiner ruled the death a homicide and a day after police turned over their findings about Gray’s arrest.

Officials familiar with the probes say the homicide investigation run by police at most contemplated a manslaughter charge, not second-degree murder as Mosby charged one of the officers, Caesar Goodson.

To win conviction for murder, prosecutors must prove intent to kill. Manslaughter relates to unintentional killings.



Anonymous said...

no duh, it is all smoke and mirrors and you stupid people are always falling for it...

Anonymous said...

Part of the obama plan so when the thugs go off again its a excuse for the government to say we need the military here 24/7 Wake up people.

Anonymous said...

I gotta admit I think this was the plan all along. Gives the radicals more time to organize.

Anonymous said...

The problem with these black women is they have big time white envy going on. Just look how they go through great pains to get white hair. Mosby's got the same underbite as Michelle Obama. That's from a lifetime spent jaw clenching because they are angry and resentful.

Anonymous said...


Concerned Retiree said...

These three Females involved are incompetent, political appointees and / or put into office by Elijah Cummings, Donna Edwards and other political individuals. This is all political and not justice.
I hope it blows up in their face and all charged file individual lawsuits, name all that resemble injustice as they had filed against them. Also have the City to pay their legal fees.
Some might say the Officers cannot sue a Public Official. This involves personal / political judgment not them following the law and guidelines of their job which they deliberately violated / bypassed

Anonymous said...

Defense has filed a motion for Mosby's recusal. It runs 107 pages and accuses her of "egregiously" violating prosecutorial ethics.

Anonymous said...

Pg17 Notice of Tort Claim filed on May 7 2015 w/ the mayor city council and state of MD placing them on notice that the 6 officers intend to pursue claims including unlawful arrest against Mosby and the others involved in preparing the charging docs.

Anonymous said...

The Motion is a beauty. I think perhaps, if Mosby had spent even half the time in the law library as she does on social justice activism, she wouldn't of mucked things up so badly for herself.
This chick and her team of malcontents are squirming in agony as they are repeatedly being kicked in the junk for their militant, BS, incompetence at their primary duties and sheer stupidity.