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Friday, May 08, 2015

ISIS: Potentially 'Thousands' of Online Followers Inside US Homeland, FBI Chief Warns

There may be as many as thousands of people inside the United States consuming online “poison” from ISIS alone, and, “I know there are other Elton Simpsons out there,” FBI director James Comey warned today, referring to one of the men who opened fire outside of an event in Texas earlier this week celebrating artists’ portrayals of the Prophet Mohammad.

“We have a very hard task” in trying to identify and stop anyone inspired to launch an attack inside the U.S. homeland, Comey told ABC News’ Pierre Thomas and a small group of reporters.

Such efforts have become particularly challenging because ISIS has reconfigured and redefined terrorist recruitment, according to Comey. In fact, while the FBI is trying to find that so-called needle in a haystack, “increasingly the needles are invisible to us,” he said.



Shiite Catholic said...

Well, that's what Obama's been letting in the country with no border control. There are probably thousands of ISIS ignates here now, thanks to his border policies.

Sue Arpaio, and let Al Quaida run free? My brain is aching...

Anonymous said...

"Bring 'em On!!"- George W. Bush

Anonymous said...

Sh^t on it!!!!! Let 'em bring it!!!

Anonymous said...

Obama is the leader of them!