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Monday, February 02, 2015

Did Pittsburgh mayor, on "Undercover Boss," break the law?

PITTSBURGH, Pa. -- The Allegheny County, Pa., District Attorney's Office says it may have been illegal for Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto to give money to city employees on the show, "Undercover Boss," reports CBS Pittsburgh.

Each episode of the program features executives going incognito while working alongside ground-level employees, ostensibly to get a better sense of how their organizations really function.

In his case, Mayor Peduto handed out $150,000 in checks to city employees he worked with while in disguise.

District Attorney Stephen Zappala says that if the checks were issued using taxpayer money, those payments are illegal.

"Regarding the legality of this, that's public money. That money cannot be disseminated as a bonus. They are not permitted to do that," Zappala said. "The salaries of public employees are negotiated. You cannot just give a bonus," he told the station.



Anonymous said...

Its easy to give other peoples money away. No way it was his money.

Anonymous said...

A Democrat, what do you expect!!

William Mark "Bill" Peduto is the 60th Mayor of Pittsburgh. A member of the Democratic Party, he previously served as a member of the Pittsburgh City Council from 2002 until 2014