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Monday, February 02, 2015

Details of Aid to Afghan Army Now Secret

The U.S. military will no longer divulge facts and figures about its costly effort to assist Afghan security forces, declaring the information top secret, officials said Thursday.

The move marks an about-face for the Pentagon, which for the past six years has reported a range of data about the $65 billion program to build up the Afghan National Security Forces.

The information included how U.S. taxpayers' money has been spent and the state of the troubled country's police and army.

John Sopko, special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction, voiced disappointment with the change and said the classification of such a volume of information was "unprecedented."



thetruth said...

It appears it's time for someone else to define 'Top Secret' and 'National Security'. Every GD thing our deceitful federal gov't does now is rutting 'top secret' or 'in the interest of national security'. We no longer have a free democratic republic. The 'republic' has completely disappeared from America's definition and a lawless rogue gov't has evolved.

Anonymous said...

If something is being funded by a the govt. we have a right to know....otherwise they will get a $0.00 for their budget. I'm not totally for that but they started pushing us and its time we push back. The last time the govt. funded foreign militias was when Reagan funded the Mujahadeen during the cold war as Russia was trying to help the Taliban retain control of their country. What became of that was the Mujahadeen became guess who....! History is cyclical and the govt. doing these underhanded dealings will come back to bite us in our rear and it needs to stop.