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Monday, February 02, 2015

They’re Accused of Dropping a Large Rock From an Overpass and Severely Injuring a Mom in a Moving Car. Now They Want a Huge Concession From the Court.

LEWISBURG, Pa. (TheBlaze/AP) — Three of four teenagers accused of having dropped a rock onto a car on a central Pennsylvania highway, severely injuring a northeast Ohio teacher, are seeking to move their cases to juvenile court.

The (Sunbury) Daily Item reports that attorneys for Dylan Lahr, Keefer McGee and Tyler Porter filed motions late last month in Union County Court seeking the move.

The 18-year-old defendants were 17 on July 10 when the large rock — about the size of a softball— smashed through the windshield of a car on Interstate 80, striking 52-year-old Sharon Budd of Uniontown in the face.



Anonymous said...

We need to start treating these kids that do adult crimes as adults. This slap on the wrist crap is destroying our society.

Anonymous said...

@ 17, OLD ENOUGH to know better. Hope the judge doesn't grant this move by defense.

Anonymous said...

17 year old: "Gee, I wonder what will happen if I drop this six pound rock fifty feet onto a moving car?"

18 year old: "Gee, I wonder what will happen if I drop this six pound rock fifty feet onto a moving car?"

What a difference a year makes.

Anonymous said...

This may sound harsh, but I'm going to say it:
Put each one in a car, throw that same rock from an overpass. Send them home for their family to care for them. No freebies, no government support of any kind. It would all be on the backs of their family members.
If this were to happen, stupid actions such as these would stop!
Yes, it would take more than just these four idiots, but after a bit of time and the perpetrator being treated as the victim, and the family being held responsible for their care, this stuff would stop.
Middle Eastern countries will cut off an arm, perhaps we should consider this.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Some of you sound as if new prisons are constantly being built.There is no more room at the inn unless you start stacking prisoners like cordwood.