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Friday, December 07, 2012

Update On Britney Van Demark


Anonymous said...

Not to pick on those of you that aren't from Delmar, but THIS is the reason we live here. This is our school reaching out proactively for a student and her family. This isn't an isolated incident, this is how are community is. This is why you see so many people talk with pride about living here. I've met people in the area who have driven through and rightly point out that there isn't a lot to this town physically, but when it comes to the people of our community we are very blessed.

Anonymous said...

This isn't an isolated incident, this is how are community is 8:56 PM

Not to pick on you because you ARE from Delmar but, I believe you meant to use the word OUR instead of ARE.

Just pointing it out. No offense intended.

Anonymous said...

11:22 made me lol. In all seriousness, though, things like this aren't isolated to just Delmar. There are some really great little towns all around here. I hope and pray this child's recovery is a quick and easy as it can possibly be. And, I do think that this group should be given some kudos for reaching out and trying to be helpful.

Anonymous said...

To the person writing the 11:22 comment - your purpose was to offend or you would not have left such a petty comment. To the persom from Delmar - I agree that the people from Delmar are very caring. I happen to know the little girl and her sister. They are beautiful children and this news fills me with saddness.

Anonymous said...

1:36 PM 11:22 made me lol.

Well good. I'm glad you have a sense of humor. So many on here do not. peace.

Anonymous said...

1:52 PM

And then there are people like this.

So sad that your mindset is such. But that's your problem.

Please keep your dark and mean heart to yourself.

And don't interject your spiteful definitions into my meanings.

There. You got your attention for the day. Happy now?

Anonymous said...

for those of us who do not have a child in dms, where can we send donations? Is there and address or a drop of site other than dms?

Anonymous said...

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