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Friday, December 07, 2012

War On Terror An Utter Failure

Just like the "War on Drugs," the "War on Terror" has been an utter failure. 

The Institute for Economics and Peace's new "Global Terrorism Index" has discovered a dramatic increase in the number of terrorist attacks around the world since 9/11. This increase is a result of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as our drone wars in Pakistan and other nearby nations. Following a drop-off in terror after 9/11, there was a quick upsurge following the invasion of Iraq. And today, the nations we're most actively engaged in – Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan – account for more than 50% of worldwide terrorism-related fatalities. One of the lead authors of the report warned that military interventions clearly lead to increases in terrorism among enraged local populations. While the United States has avoided another 9/11, our military misadventures and drone strikes in the Middle East have radicalized populations and spawned the equivalent of multiple 9/11s all around the world, killing thousands of innocent civilians. "Wars on abstractions" like drugs or terror never work. Time to create a new future in which we're not at constant war against vague threats.


Anonymous said...

war on terror starts in the white house and remain in play for four more years. ditto for war on drugs.

Anonymous said...

Tell it to BinLaden

Anonymous said...

221-Since 9/11, the USA has cut nearly 20 billion in checks to it happened, Bin Laden was found in a neighborhood where only retired Pakistani military brass live. In the perception that Bin Laden succeeded, he has. Joe Q. Public is just too stupid to realize it. 20B can pay for a lot of warring, especially in a country where a shiny new fully automatic AK can be bought for less than 100$ at the local market.

Anonymous said...

The Two wars were to extend the Federal Government's power. This is not what our Founding Fathers of the United States Constitution wrote...but the masses have been educated by the STATE SCHOOLS and are taught the GOVERNMENTS Curriculum to accept this loss of Freedom.

Anonymous said...

. 20B can pay for a lot of warring

At the rate of 5 billion a week, back when Bush jr. was president, that is only a month's worth of war.

How many and for how much has the U.S. cut checks for Pakistan since bin Laden's death?