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Friday, December 07, 2012

Cash For Anti-Smoking Efforts Lacking

Anti-smoking efforts nationwide remain woefully underfunded as states squander most of their tobacco tax revenue, a major report from a coalition of public health groups shows.

For fiscal 2013, states will receive nearly $26 billion through a combination of cigarette taxes and revenue from their landmark 1998 legal settlement with U.S. tobacco companies. Only $459 million will go to smoking prevention campaigns and other initiatives to help addicts quit, with some states — such as New Jersey, Ohio, New Hampshire and North Carolina — spending nothing on the efforts, according to the joint study by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and other organizations.

“The paltry amount of money that states spend on tobacco prevention and cessation programs is extremely disappointing,” said Nancy Brown, CEO of the American Heart Association. “If the funds were used as intended to discourage children from smoking and help current smokers quit, we would see the real impact of tobacco use prevention on health care costs. These programs work and it’s time for states to put more skin in the game.”



Anonymous said...

So what else is new? They waste the money and just raise the tax another dollar a pack. They don't care.

Anonymous said...

Very telling! They don't want to stop people from smoking! DUH> They are making too much off the tobacco tax! Spending it on vacations, pumped up salaries, benefits, etc.!


Anonymous said...

How much money is being spent to reduce the even more harmful effects of obesity?

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! They've squandered their anti-smoking funds! Why do they even have any in the first place? What exactly do they do with any funds, anyways?

Anonymous said...

$26 billion for what? Do you know how many cigarettes $26 billion can buy? Pour thay money into welfare programs and food stamps so the receiptants can sell them at half price on the streets and go buy smokes and booze. You know, the things they really want.