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Friday, December 07, 2012

Study Details How Brain Injury From Concussions Progresses

The lasting impact that concussions can have on the brain is on the minds of anyone involved in football, from parents of the youngest Pop Warner players to those in the professional ranks.
More and more players in the NFL are succumbing to symptoms of memory loss, inability to concentrate and changes in personality that they attribute to repeated blows to the head during play. But as their numbers grow, researchers are struggling to keep up with understanding the brain injuries that concussions can cause. Now, for the first time, scientists are classifying the brain injury from head trauma into four distinct stages.

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Anonymous said...

A study from Princeton some years back found that over 20% of incoming freshman football players had healed but previously undiagnosed neck fractures from high school and before. Most could remember the hit that gave them "a stiff neck."