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Friday, December 07, 2012

Protesters Swarm As Michigan Pushes Right-To-Work Measure

LANSING, Mich. — After weeks of speculation, Michigan’s GOP-controlled Legislature and Republican Gov. Rick Snyder on Thursday pushed ahead with a bill to make this historic labor stronghold a right-to-work state, sparking a clash in the state Capitol and setting up what could be an epic fight watched by union and management supporters nationwide.

As police outside pushed back protesters with pepper spray, the GOP-dominated state House of Representatives, by a 58-52 vote, quickly approved the Workplace Equity and Fairness Act, which would end mandatory union-dues collection at any Michigan company and would apply to public and private workers with the exception of firefighters and police.

Later Thursday, the state Senate, where Republicans hold a healthy 26-12 margin, also passed the legislation.



Anonymous said...

Michigan is well aware of the caustic nature of unions and what they ruin.

Anonymous said...

Michigan is "Union Central!" If common sense prevails there, Unions are on the fading end of history, and to no one's despair!

OUT with you Bastions!

Anonymous said...

OUT with you Bastions!

December 7, 2012 7:52 PM

Yes, unions need to be curtailed but not totally castrated.

They are after all responsible for our work weekends, holidays and holiday pay, sick time, vacation time, etc.

Unions are a good thing when they are needed and not corrupt.

Which always seems to happen over time. Money will corrupt everything it comes into contact with in the secular world.

When that happens, get rid of it. But don't throw it so far as to not be able to use it when it is needed.