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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Save Money By Making Your Own Window Cleaner

Many store-bought window cleaners have labels that list hard-to-pronounce chemicals as ingredients, but you don't need that stuff to keep your glass clean. You can save a little money by making your own window cleaner.

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Bullard Construction said...

My windoe cleaner budget is around $397 per year. I guess I could cut this in half or so... but with everything else going up at skyrocketing rates, just how much should I worry about window cleaner, anyway?


Bullard Construction said...

Uh, sorry about the typo's! Maybe one too many coffees this morning! I MEANT "window" and $3.97/ year!

Anonymous said...

This should be one of Moochelle Obams tips for the peasantry as she is skiing in Aspen.

Anonymous said...

Another use for old newspapers, use them instead of paper towels.