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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Military Gay Group Growing, Aiming For More Rights

An association of gays in the military has more than doubled its membership since last year, is setting up more on-base chapters, and plans to hold its next national conference at a Defense Department resort at Walt Disney World.

The expansion of the group OutServe in the five months since the repeal of the Pentagon’s ban on open gays shows how a steady stream of service members is coming out of the closet and becoming better organized to achieve demands for more benefits.

Air Force 1st Lt. Josh Seefried, OutServe’s co-director, said its current 4,900 members are more than double the number on Sept. 20, when the prohibition ended. There are now 42 local chapters at bases around the world.



Anonymous said...

Gives a whole new definition of "foxhole". We are doomed as a society.

Anonymous said...

gives a whole new meaning to being torpedoed! or blown up!

Anonymous said...

Who didn't see this coming. Gay's need to be kicked out of the service before they destroy it.