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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What Criminals Think Of Gun Control


Anonymous said...

this issue is a clear as the nose on your face; yet the opposition doesn't get it... thanks for this pic illustration.

Anonymous said...

Everyone agrees criminals ie.felons shouldn't be allowed weapons.but this is the propaganda from Obama and Hillary to eliminate weapons all together. It's the snowball at the top of the mountain

Anonymous said...

8:13 is absolutely right. The thing is - it isn't the only snow ball at the top of the mountain. And they are starting to roll down. When they get to the bottom it's going to be very bad. We won't be giving up our guns because when we do, the real oppression begins.

Anonymous said...

Unless a criminal has used a weapon during a crime in the past, I see no need for them to be banned for life from owning a firearm

I'm sure that's not going to be popular and that's ok.

Let's say someone takes a car for a joyride when they were young. That's auto theft, a felony.

Now they are banned from owning a firearm because of a felony conviction.

Has nothing to do with a crime with a firearm yet they are not allowed to own one.

Does that sound fair and reasonable to you?

And if real criminals want a gun, do you really think that law will stop them?

That's just one example, I'm sure there are others.

They will use any trick in the book to get guns out of the hands of the people. Less resistance that way.

They say gun registration is for safety and solving crimes and whatnot.

How many times has the police been to the house of a legal gun owner to check their registered weapon against a report of a crime being committed with they type of weapon they own?

I've never heard of them doing this. Have any of you?

Anonymous said...

8:57 no I haven't. And they had better not. Just let some government agency, police, FBI, CIA, or otherwise, come around demanding to check legal weapons to see if they have been used in the commission of crimes. There will be big problems. I can see them testing the waters to do this since the patriot act allows them to violate virtually every other civil right. But if they start going house to house making demands without a warrant it will be clear that we have crossed over into a dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

9:11 AM

I hear ya and agree with you, but see where this is going?

Besides supposedly keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, which they get anyway, what is the purpose if registering guns?

A backdoor way of keeping a list of people who own guns. Except criminals of course, since they don't register them.

Anonymous said...

maryalnd needs a right to carry law, then the criminals will be put on notice! the cops don't give a crap about us. defend yourselves!