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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Minnesota GOP Refuses To Allow Citizens To Testify As It Steals Their Right To Vote

Last Wednesday, more than 200 protesters holding signs that read “ALL Our Voices Count No Voter ID Amendment” waited in the halls of the capital building while the Minnesota Senate committee conducted a hearing on a voter ID amendment. Why were they waiting in the halls? The Republican lead committee allowed no citizens to testify on the legislation. Predictably, it passed the committee on a party line vote, 8 Republicans for-6 Democrats against. Last year the Republican lead state congress passed a bill requiring voter ID and it was vetoed by Democratic Governor Mark Dayton. It really got me to wondering, why would 200 citizens protest the prospect of showing id to vote? It doesn’t sound unreasonable, after all, you have to show ID for almost everything now. What’s one more?

At least, that’s what Republicans want you think. The reality is far different.



Anonymous said...

Liberal crap. Look at all the sidelining stories on that page. Every one of them were conservative bashing. All 200 of those people were probably union hacks.

Anonymous said...

Nobody bats and eye when you need ID to buy sudaphed, or pick up prescription drugs. Why are people more worried about not being able to vote than they are getting drugs they need to live?

Voter fraud takes place in many forms. If we ever get IDs instituted, they'll still have fake counts from non-verifiable voting machines.

Cory said...

Everyone should have to provide ID in order to vote ..... simply to prove that you have a legal address as to where you vote.... im sorry NO ID NO VOTE its as simple as that

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with showing ID to vote. After all it can prove you are not voting under a dead name. We show ID to cash checks. We show ID ecverytime a Police Officer asks for it. Electing a President is important too. We should have to show ID to prove we are who we say we are.