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Saturday, April 29, 2017

ANTIFA's Leader

This should come as no surprise. Thanks to Bill Clinton's pardon in 2000, Bill Ayers, known for heading the domestic terrorist group, the Weather Underground, was released from prison, go a job teaching at a Chicago University, foster Alinsky principles with people like Obama, forward Soros's initiatives to destroy America and now is pimp daddy of the Antifa (another Domestic Terror Group.)

Just remember that inconvenient fact the next time you meet someone who proudly states they voted for Hillary.


Anonymous said...

Anyone promoting any Clinton in this day and age is absolutely out of their mind.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm - seems like he is aligned with The Party of Liberal Jim!

Anonymous said...

The Weather Underground was a violent and destructive group in the late Sixties that bombed not only the Pentagon but several other federal buildings. Many group participants didn't get caught and have never seen one day of jail time. Bill was one of the few that were found and prosecuted for their various crimes. Bombs were their big thing, so we should expect that's the next evolution of this terror group.

Anonymous said...

Just a guy from Barry Soetoro's hood!