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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Documents Tie Berkeley Riot Organizers to Pro-Pedopilia Group, NAMBLA

The left-wing activists behind the anti-conservative riots at Berkeley have ties to one of the nation's most prominent pro-pedophilia organizations.

The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration & Immigrant Rights, and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary - more commonly referred to was By Any Means Necessary or BAMN - is one of the militant leftist groups waging a campaign against conservatives and Trump supporters in Berkeley. The group's planned aggressive demonstrations against conservative commentator Ann Coulter and the students coming to hear her talk led to the cancellation of Coulter's speech this week due to safe concerns. (RELATED: 'INFERNO' - Milo Speech Cancelled After Rioters Set UC Berkeley Campus Ablaze)

BAMN's parent organization worked directly with the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) in the years just before it founded BAMN, according to NAMBLA documents reviewed by The Daily Caller. In addition, a member of the parent organization said to have founded BAMN is an admitted member of NAMBLA, which she has described as the victim of a 'witch-hunt.'

BAMN, which did not return a phone call and voicemail seeking comment, was founded by the Revolutionary Workers League, a small Detroit-based Marxist organization. Many of BAMN's leading members over the years have also been RWL members.

"The Revolutionary Workers League is a Trotskyist organization of which I'm a member," Luke Massie, one of BAMN's founders told the Michigan Daily in 2001. "We are proud to have played a part in a whole lot of struggles and to have played a role in the founding of BAMN."



Anonymous said...

this is disgusting. so our tax dollars allow groups like this to be on the campus, BUT will not allow a conservative to speak. is anyone concerned about this? it should make you raging angry enough to speak out.

Anonymous said...

Like this should come as any surprise. There isn't a democrat alive who isn't a very sick demented perverted freak. They like to murder unborn babies and promote sexual perversions. God already has a place in hell waiting for all democrats where they will burn for eternity because the democrat platform is the doctrine of satan.

Anonymous said...

They are closer than you think people. And by that I mean here.

Anonymous said...

She is also a second grade teacher in California. YouTube her, she is a total nut. Very violent.