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Saturday, April 29, 2017

ANTIFA Demand Soros to Pay Up!

Antifa members are chanting they want George Soros to pay them $15 an hour and pay up now. Apparently, Mr. Soros is delinquent in paying his useful idiots.

Beverly Hills ANTIFA demands 4 their billionaire boss "George Soros, PAY US OUR MONEY" ...$15/hr Hehe


Jim said...

So the "Anti-anarchist" anarchists are not getting their money?

Is it possible that a liberal would lie and cheat them?

Oh, that just can't be true..

Anonymous said...

Democrats not paying their bills? Not at all surprising.

Anonymous said...

So it is actually ANTIFA - TU for clarification and correction

Anonymous said...

Good luck you just worked for nothing. Another Soros con game. You work for a "shadow government" protest Democracy and you get what you deserve. Nothing.

Anonymous said...

1033 Get a life.

Anonymous said...

I do Sun thur Fri - Sat is my day not to have 1