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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Drive Less, Reduce Personal Use of Electricity

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged voters to look at their personal habits in order to stop climate change, calling it one of the world’s biggest problems that the next president would have to face.

“On an individual level, you know there are a lot of things that if more people did it, you would see results,” she said.

Clinton shared her thoughts on global warming during a town hall with YouTube creators in Los Angeles, California.



Anonymous said...

Easy for her to say; Hillary hasn't driven a car in 26 years!

Anonymous said...

Says the person who is flying in a big ass plane daily, with a huge motorcade on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Hypocritical female (?) low life trash with a track record worst than most incarcerated individuals.
Mind boggling to think this one is allowed to run for any office, not alone the highest.
Give this nut job a plea bargain she can't refuse with a clause to get of of the USA.

Anonymous said...

There's a two foot hole in the ozone layer put there just by her hairspray.

Anonymous said...

Yay 6:21 AM, you said it all.

Anonymous said...

Climate change is not a threat, it is natural and humans cannot control the climate. Climate change is being used as a means to enforce globalization while diminishing the economies of the world's strongest nations who have leaders like Barak Obama and Angela Merkel.

Anonymous said...

You are incredibly naive.

There are 7 countries whose militaries have complete control of weather in their territories.
There was a treaty in the 1970s in which USA, Soviet Union, and China agreed not to use weather weapons in war.

Research HAARP

Anonymous said...

Go to jail hildabeast