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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Border Patrol Agent: Many Illegals Have Tuberculosis, Other Diseases

The Border Patrol encounters illegal immigrants carrying infectious diseases on a regular basis along the Texas border, according to an officer interviewed by InfoWars.

"We see tuberculosis pretty regularly," border agent Chris Cabrera told the site.

Scabies is also common, the officer said, but the skin disease is not visible when it's infectious. "So these people clear through our system and then they go into the rest of the country with that disease."

Cabrera, who is also the vice president of the National Border Patrol Council, said the agents also see measles, chickenpox, lung infections and some illnesses they can't identify. "We have no idea what they are."

In 2014, according to the agent, areas with sick illegal immigrants were cordoned off with yellow caution tape. Today, no quarantine facility or treatment for the diseases exists.

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Anonymous said...

They have to live in those conditions can't really blame them for wanting to come to the US

Anonymous said...

Your right, but I can blame the politicians who are stealing my money to ship them in mass. Obama likes to say we are a nation of immigrants, but every other immigrant group has had to come on their own dime and make their own way. We are shipping Syrians in giving them housing, food, cell phones, healthcare, education. If I could move to Mexico and get all these things for free I would be gone tomorrow. They aren't coming because this country is or ever was great. They are coming because the trip is free.

Anonymous said...

well isn't that lovely

Anonymous said...

A few years ago, my son (and many other studehts) had to undergo testing (multiple times) for TB because an illegal who was a student at a Wicomico county school had active TB and was allowed in the public school system putting our children (citizens) at risk.