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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Black Pastor: Obama ‘Deceived America,’ Hurt ‘the American Family’

( - Speaking at the March for Marriage rally in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, Rev. Bill Owens, president of the Coalition of African American Pastors, said President Obama “deceived America” on the gay marriage issue and hurt America and “the American family.”

“When President Obama was running for president, I had some friends in the gay community who informed me that he was going to say that he was for marriage between a man and a woman in his first term to get elected but he would take the issue up in his second term, and that’s what he did. So first of all, he deceived America,” Owens said.

“And you must fear no man. I fear no man. I got a lot of criticism, a lot of hate mail for opposing Obama. Obama is a black American, but his father is an African, and I think he thinks he can be a king like they have in Africa, but America don’t have kings,” said Owens. “We have a president, and I stand against Mr. Obama very much today. He’s on the wrong track, and he has hurt America and the American family.”

Owens also criticized Obama over transgender bathroom policies..

“Only a sick man - I mean sick in his mind - would promote a program that men can go in women’s restrooms. Only a sick man would promote that,” he said.

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Steve said...

Yeah, but watch; he'll vote for Hillary over Trump next time around, just axe him!

Anonymous said...

Hail to rev. Owens he speaks the truth even if it goes against many of his race who just want to give Obama a free pass. This man is following what is right and not what is popular, takes a strong individual.

Anonymous said...

He hurt the American family but did wonders for the "African" American counterpart.

Anonymous said...

He is stating the obvious

Steve said...

So, who does he support for our next President? He's a public figure on a podium. Axe him.