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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Brits Oppose 2nd EU Referendum By Two To One

The British public oppose holding a second referendum on EU membership by a margin of almost two to one.

A YouGov poll published today shows that less than a third of the public, 31 per cent, believe the referendum should be re-run. By contrast, 58 per cent say it should not, while 11 per cent do not know.

This includes 91 per cent of ‘Leave’ voters who do not want a second vote, and also 29 per cent of ‘Remain’ voters.

Even if Scotland threatened to break away from the United Kingdom, 51 per cent would still oppose a second vote. Only three in 10 would support it.

There is also no appetite for holding a referendum once the terms of Britain’s withdrawal have been decided, with just 33 per cent calling for a vote in such a circumstance, compared to 51 per cent who would oppose it.

Since the referendum, various media outlets have been pushing the narrative of “Bregret” – ‘Leave’ supporters supposedly changing their minds and expression their regret for voting as they did.

However, the poll shows there is little evidence that this is widespread, with just six per cent of people who voted ‘Leave’ wanting a second referendum.



Anonymous said...

they are out . Time to put a fork in it. They wanted their nation back and their identity.

Anonymous said...

You suck SOROS!!! Patriots are on to you and your NWO meddling. In more than just the USA... your toast!