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Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Clinton Foundation is a 'conspiracy' that Hillary and Bill use as a 'piggy bank'

The Clinton Foundation is 'a vast, criminal conspiracy' and 'a slush fund for grifters' with thousands of honest people who are victims after contributing their hard-earned money to what they believed would be used for philanthropic causes.

In truth, the money that was donated to help earthquake victims in India and Haiti and HIV/AIDs sufferers in the Third World has mostly enriched the Clintons and their friends through scams spanning the globe, claims author Jerome Corsi in his book, Partners in Crime: The Clintons' Scheme to Monetize the White House for Personal Profit, which will be published in August.

Driven by insatiable greed while crying they were near-broke, the couple schemed and Hillary used her position as secretary of state to leverage lucrative deals for the Foundation as well as six-figure speaking fees for Bill Clinton.

The scheme engineered through the Foundation has enriched the Clintons by hundreds of millions of dollars as well as adding $2billion to the Clinton Foundation and raising $1billion for Hillary's second run for the presidency, writes Corsi in his upcoming book.



Anonymous said...

Those two are legally married, but what they have is a business agreement, and that's probably the extent of their relationship.

Anonymous said...

Anyone with a functioning brain can see this foundation was created with the sole purpose and the sole purpose ONLY of giving clinton hanger oners high paying jobs.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious. And they keep getting away with their illegal dealings, especially with foreign donors. Hillary should not even be allowed to run for POTUS because of her ethics violations.