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Thursday, June 30, 2016

New Maryland laws to take effect Friday

ANNAPOLIS, Md. —Maryland's minimum wage and the state's gas tax are going up. Here's a look at some new laws that take effect Friday:

Maryland's minimum wage will rise from $8.25 to $8.75. It's the latest bump scheduled to take effect since lawmakers in 2014 approved increases over several years from $7.25. It is scheduled to go up to $9.25 next year and reach $10.10 in July 2018.

The state's gas tax will rise nine-tenths of a cent to 33.5 cents. Lawmakers approved several increases in 2013, with regular hikes to adjust for inflation. The state's gas tax has gone up a dime since 2013, when lawmakers approved the first increase in 20 years from 23.5 cents.

A state-sponsored retirement savings plan goes into effect. IRAs will be created for private-sector employees without access to a workplace savings program with their employer. Employees would need to make the contributions and can opt out of the program. The law applies to employers using an automated payroll system who don't already offer a retirement program.



Anonymous said...

New laws and new ways to rip us off!

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me why powdered alcohol is illegal? I figured it was like "synthetic marijuana" which isn't marijuana at all and is extremely dangerous. It is not that at all. It is alcohol sealed within microscopic beads of dextrin. While I do think it's a stupid gimmic, why illegal? It would be like making dip n' dots illegal but ice cream legal.

Anonymous said...

More teason to vote with my feet because this states politics are sickening. I'm sure there's a few more stupid laws. I don't expect much from this rhino Governor either he's not behind Trump he's off my books. FYI..I'm an independent