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Thursday, June 30, 2016

McAuliffe: Supreme Court Can’t Stop Restoration of Felon’s Voting Rights

McAuliffe pledges to issue 206,000 felons right to vote individually if he has to Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D., Va.) does not care whether or not the Virginia Supreme Court reverses his executive order that restored voting rights for 206,000 felons because he plans to circumvent the judicial branch if he has to.

The court granted a request made by Republicans to expedite their lawsuit against McAuliffe, which argues that the governor did not have the right to restore rights to the large group in a single executive order. Rights were previously restored in a case-by-case manner, after felons individually petitioned the state and penned a letter to the governor explaining why they deserved to not only have the right to vote, but also have rights such as the ability to serve on a jury or run for office.

McAuliffe said during a Wednesday morning interview with WTOP that it does not matter what the court’s ruling is.

“Lets assume hypothetically that the state Supreme Court knocks it down,” said McAuliffe. “The next day I will sit at my desk—probably with the assistance of my autopen—and I will sign 206,000 orders.”

“They will have their rights back that day,” he said. “This is much ado about nothing.”



Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious who the Democrats work for, they work for the American Communist Party. They support an evil devil religion called Islam. Support illegal immigration, felons who live better then welfare recips in prison. So now we are to afford an extra privilege? once again the poor working stiff suffers!!! It's bad enough that most of these leeches are Democrats so most likely that equates to 205999 votes for the Communist Democratic party of America!! Great!

Anonymous said...

"Much ado about nothing"?? WRONG!

This is about another democrat liberal soft on crime. Not only soft, but conciliatory!!
This is about another democrat lowering the standard of deterrence.

Anonymous said...

Arrest that ignorant bastard!

Anonymous said...

Another Dem who doesn't think that the system is fair when the Supreme Court issues an opinion not his own.

Anonymous said...

How come all these polls think they can make their own laws?

Anonymous said...

So, sign the 206,000 orders and STFU, already.

Anonymous said...

206,000 democrat votes. McAuliffe is such a dirtball. Probably not much to worry about really. How many prisoners are sitting in jail just chaffing to get out and vote?