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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ronald McDonald Shot Outside North Carolina Sonic

A resident of Lumberton, North Carolina, has been shot outside the town’s Sonic fast food restaurant. The victim’s name is Ronald McDonald.

Authorities say 36-year-old Ronald McDonald was wounded after an argument with another man as the pair stood outside the fast food location in Lumberton.

Police report that Mr. McDonald argued with Telvin Drummond, a 24-year-old Sonic employee. Apparently, the pair argued on two separate occasions during the evening of June 23, with the second incident ending in gunfire.

McDonald is the husband of one of the restaurant’s managers.

Lumberton police report that the investigation is ongoing, and no one has yet been charged.



Anonymous said...

I wonder if "Big Mac" got involved?

Anonymous said...

They say Grimus broke it up. The Police Officer on scene Col. Sanders said they were all fighting over some Chic called Rita.

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm thinking what kind of person names their child Ronald McDonald??? The guy probably has quite an attitude just saying...

Anonymous said...

He was trying to stop a robbery at the restaurant, the Hamburgler was going to steal stuff. When the cop arrived, Col. Sanders, he shot the McDonald by accident.

Clown Lives Matter!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he wasn't using the right bathroom. We know how that freaks them out in NC.