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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Trump's Economic Nationalism Exposes Hillary’s Achilles Heel

Quoting Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump became the first major party candidate in decades to embrace economic nationalism. Trump, in a policy speech delivered in the key swing state of Pennsylvania, proclaimed “it’s time to declare our economic independence once again.”

At the center of Trump’s speech was his opposition to the North American Trade Agreement, the Trans Pacific Partnership, as well as a willingness to use tariffs to punish trade cheaters. And it is not surprising that the speech was delivered in Pennsylvania, where the steel industry – devastated by unfettered free trade – continues to hemorrhage.


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Anonymous said...

Now,use your imagination:imagine if Donald Trump had played the part of the POTUS in the movie "Independence Day".Imagine him jumping into an F-16 & fighting the aliens after countless other fighter jet pilots had been shot down.And then imagine him giving that amazing speech, "Today we declare our independence" after the war had been won.Honestly,what a heck of a movie that would be,and possibly an extended commercial.Admit it,doesn't that give you chills just thinking about it?