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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The Financial Times Joins the "Ban Physical Cash" Chorus

Over the weekend, The Financial Times published an article calling for a ban on physical cash.

This is just the latest in a series of articles being promoted by the financial media proposing this concept. The arguments presented in these articles are always the same:

1) The Central Banks are wonderful institutions that are trying to save the world.

2) The reason Central Banks have failed to create another economic boom (despite spending $11 trillion) is NOT because they are incompetent, corrupt, and following financial models that have no connection to reality.

3) The reason Central Banks cannot create growth is because of consumers’ unwillingness to spend money.



oncerned Retiree said...

This proves what I have been saying for 4 years or more. "Obama is the Anti-Christ". He will have the "New World Order" in place before the next election. His tenure has been the beginning to the end.

Anonymous said...

yes Believe it the hidden dangers of the rainbow agenda Has and is being carried out throughout the last few decades. this is just a precursor to accepting the Mark. Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

One thing not in this article is the concept that the 1 percenters have been hoarding physical cash, so there is even less in circulation.

I don't doubt that assertion.

Fiat currency.

Anonymous said...

I think u may be right 338. Something is in the works!

Anonymous said...

Yes lets have all electronic money transactions. When you fall out of favor with the powers that be, they just push a button and all your money is gone.

Anonymous said...

They are trying to kill the underground economy....barter and cash based - non-taxed and no accountability. They want their tax revenue - plain and simple!