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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

2,000 Cases May be Dismissed Over Baltimore PD’s Secret Use of Stingrays

Sheriff defends department's use of Stingrays

Defense attorneys in Baltimore are reviewing nearly 2,000 cases in which police secretly used controversial cell-phone tracking devices known as “stingrays.”

Baltimore police have commonly used stingrays to investigate even minor crimes, USA Todayreported earlier this week. Police concealed the surveillance from suspects and their lawyers, even though Maryland law generally requires that such surveillance be disclosed in court.

“This is a crisis, and to me it needs to be addressed very quickly. No stone is going to be left unturned at this point,” said Baltimore’s deputy public defender, Natalie Finegar, who is coordinating the review.

The public defender’s office is reviewing a surveillance log that lists more than 1,900 cases in which the police indicated they had used a stingray, USA Today reported. It includes at least 200 public defender clients who were ultimately convicted of a crime.



Anonymous said...

The end (ultimate conviction - using the tracking) does not justify the means (tracking a bunch of people and connecting their dots to a crime).

Glad someone is reviewing these.......

Anonymous said...

There is certainly no shortage of idiots in Baltimore.
No wonder the place is out of control.

Anonymous said...

If you think this is limited to Baltimore you could not be more wrong.

The fourth Amendment is routinely ignored.

Anonymous said...

Keep cheering you sheep. Abuse WILL HAPPEN. Setting up tag readers red light , speed cams sting rays, drones, xrays?The vise is closing people! Wake up. Soon you will all be criminals. You cant count on it if this violation of our god given rights continues. Educate yourself and be prepared. Read hidden dangers of the rainbow!