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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Immigration Shift Shows India, China Outpacing Mexico

Siddharth Jaganath wanted to return to India after earning his master's degree at Texas' Southern Methodist University. Instead, he built a new life in the U.S. over a decade, becoming a manager at a communications technology company and starting a family in the Dallas suburb of Plano.

"You start growing your roots and eventually end up staying here," the 37-year-old said.

His path is an increasingly common one: Immigrants from China and India, many with student or work visas, have overtaken Mexicans as the largest groups coming into the U.S., according to U.S. Census Bureau research released in May. The shift has been building for more than a decade.

Mexicans still dominate the overall composition of immigrants in the U.S., accounting for more than a quarter of the foreign-born people. But of the 1.2 million newly arrived immigrants here legally and illegally counted in 2013 numbers, China led with 147,000, followed by India with 129,000 and Mexico with 125,000. It's a sharp contrast to 2000, when there were 402,000 from Mexico and no more than 84,000 each from India and China.

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Anonymous said...

Please get a grip on these illegal aliens. I saw a story several years ago about Indians coming over hear on work visas and not going back when the visa expired. In turn we are not following up on them to make sure they have left. If the evidence shows that Indians are outpacing illegal aliens then we have a real problem!! It's time for us as citizens to get off our lazy asses and do something. I am sick and tired of these Indian scammers calling me trying to get me to let them get into my computer or them acting as if they are legal experts trying to get me a settlement for using a drug. It's obvious they are fake when I never used the medication.

Anonymous said...

I agree 8:45PM. Seems like every call I make to a national business or receive a call from a company I do business with...are all Indians with such a heavy dialect that it's very hard for me to understand them. Aren't there any American customer service reps anymore?!

Anonymous said...

At least Indians make an effort to learn English, and aren't contemptuous of America like Mexicans and other south of the border invaders.

When was the last time you saw a horde of Indians (dot, not feather) having a mass protest in the street, waving the Indian flag, and demanding we turn over our country to them? Or lining up at the welfare office? Or committing violent crimes?

When you call customer service and you get someone with such a heavy accent, it's almost always because the company outsourced American jobs to India or other countries. It isn't their fault. Blame the company itself!