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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Alaska-bound, Obama faces backlash on Mt. McKinley renaming

WASHINGTON (AP) — Shrinking glaciers, Arctic temperatures and a mix of messy energy politics await President Barack Obama as he begins his historic trip to Alaska. Meanwhile, his decision to rename Mount McKinley faced a backlash from Ohio politicians protective a native son from the state, former President William McKinley.

Obama departs on Monday morning for a three-day tour of the nation's largest state, closely choreographed to call attention to the ways Obama says climate change is already damaging Alaska's stunning scenery. By showcasing thawing permafrost, melting sea ice and eroding shorelines, Obama hopes to raise the sense of urgency to deal quickly to slow climate change in the U.S. and overseas.

His excursion north of the Arctic Circle will make Obama the first sitting president to step foot in the Alaska Arctic, home to Alaska Natives who have received less attention amid Obama's recent efforts to improve conditions for Native Americans. In a major show of solidarity, Obama announced on the eve of his trip that his administration is changing the name of North America's tallest peak, Mount McKinley, to Denali, its traditional Athabascan name.



Anonymous said...

The mountain would not come to Obama.

So Obama came to the mountain, and he renamed it, since that's what kings do.

Thank you Mr. Obama! When you're finished renaming our parks named for Civil War veterans, so they are all named after vastly more historically significant black people, would you please rename the White House, too?

Somehow, the place doesn't deserve the name, anymore.

Anonymous said...

This mountain has always been known as Denali to the Alaskan people. The Alaskan legislature and people of Alaska fully support this return to the original name. Why should Ohio have any say in the matter? Happy for Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Hope they keep him there

Anonymous said...

King Obama should name it Mount Traitor to honor himself.