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Monday, September 17, 2012

Judge Holds Off On Legal Action To End Chicago Teacher Strike

A Cook County judge declined to immediately hear arguments Monday in a request by Chicago school officials to force teachers to end their walkout, according to a city law department spokesman.

Instead, a hearing on the matter could come Tuesday or Wednesday, law department spokesman Roderick Drew said.

Calling the dispute illegal and dangerous, Chicago school officials filed the complaint Monday, asking a judge to end the teacher strike now in its sixth school day.



Anonymous said...

had they had scott walker, the unions of public employees wouldnt be an issue.

Anonymous said...

Please fire them now, and hire new teachers! They will come in droves, have faith! School will be back in session in 3 weeks! PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

The liberal appointee coming back to haunt Rahm and Barak.
It would be funny if hundreds of thousands of kids lives were not a stake.

Anonymous said...

They make more money that the average taxpayer who is footing the bill for them, and they want more?!

Sorry, as test scores and education levels of students have shown, you are not worth it.

Most of you should be fired, not rewarded.