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Monday, September 17, 2012

Arctic Sea Ice Melt Means A Bad Winter

We don't generally think of global warming's immediate effects, but recent studies suggest that this summer's record Arctic sea ice lows could make for a harsh winter.

Nature explains the study:

Recent research, although preliminary, suggests a connection between late-summer Arctic sea-ice extent and the location of areas of high and low atmospheric pressure over the northern Atlantic. The highs and lows can remain relatively fixed for weeks, shaping storm tracks and seasonal weather patterns such as extended cold surges.



Anonymous said...

I thought the ice has been building and increasing for the last 12 years? At least that was the Spring report...

Anonymous said...

We can expect a winter that's a tad colder than last winter.It's like a priming effect.The summer we just experienced has primed the system for another mild winter.Don't expect a radical change.10 to 20% worse than last winter.