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Monday, September 17, 2012

Chemical Used in Teflon & Non-Stick Cookware Linked to Heart Disease

Further presenting non-stick cookware dangers  , a new study published in this month’s Archives of Internal Medicine reveals a relation between PFOA (the chemical in Teflon, used in nonstick pans among other things) and heart disease. While scientists are cautious, as they always are, to say they are definitively linked, some say steering clear of the chemical “just in case” wouldn’t be a bad idea.
 According to the study published   in the journal The Jama Network, researchers looked at PFOA presence and incidence of heart disease, heart attack, or stroke. About 98 percent of Americans have traces of PFOA in them, those with the highest levels of the chemical were found to have double the odds of heart disease when compared with those having the lowest levels.
Also, those with higher PFOA, had a 78 percent higher risk of peripheral heart disease—where arteries narrow and harden.



Unknown said...

Well, I ain't got it! Black iron and bacon grease for me! That'll keep me away from heart disease! Yup! Yeeeee HAW!

Anonymous said...

love my 45 yr. old iron cookware...

Anonymous said...

Is there ANY manufacured chemical compound that WON'T kill you???
Stop worrying about silly stuff and just live.

Anonymous said...

Did you know the chemical hydogen is extremely flamable and it is used to make water