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Monday, September 17, 2012

Shall We Not Revenge?

The gentleman, in this case, “protests too much” and in protest reveals the true meaning of his course which perhaps is a decline to bended knee and a supine position to his Master. It is scant days to the election and I cannot help but think that our continuing trip to the “presses of creation” is an act of contrivance to support “him that must be obeyed” while shameless in its purpose serves not the “greater good” but the lesser path of political contrivance. In reading the explanations and the rationale of the actions undertaken I am not swayed. In fact, there were too many reasons, too much offered of almost an apology that causes me to question the validity of the foundation of our present course. In a world where things are difficult and where our Central Bank rolls out the creation of money, once again, as the end all and be all of our supposed passage to financial Heaven; I mark the day and note the consequences. Down with the Dollar and up with equities and down with mortgage rates and all contrived and perhaps ill conceived and, unlike Europe, “all for one” but not one for all; for who does not wish to be named in any chapter of this ill-begotten play.

"Can one desire too much of a good thing?”


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"Yes,we can"