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Monday, September 17, 2012

Leading Sunni Clerics Demand That Insults to Islam Be Outlawed

Six months after declaring that all churches in the Arabian peninsula should be destroyed, Saudi Arabia’s top cleric called at the weekend for a global ban on insults targeting all religious “prophets and messengers,” a category that, from a Muslim perspective, includes Jesus Christ.
Saturday’s demand by Saudi grand mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh came on the same day that another of Sunni Islam’s most prominent figures, Egypt’s Al-Azhar University grand imam Ahmed el-Tayyeb, made a similar appeal.


Anonymous said...

I don't think so the animals the radical Muslims are and they have the nerve to request this "I don't think so"

Anonymous said...

How about a world wide ban on Islamic MURDER!

Anonymous said...

Islam is an insult to the world

Anonymous said...

They need the words "FREE SPEECH" explained to them, and that over here, murder is illegal! Live with it!

Anonymous said...

4:40 I agree!!!

Anonymous said...

Time for a new crusade?

Our mealy mouthed President is useless here and there. Foreign and domestic. Then arrogant to lie on such thinly veiled pretense.

The Crusade starts in Nov.


Vote for Mitt!

Anonymous said...

listen my little grand mufti and grand imam and any one else that believes this way; shut up and go back to your cave. if you can't grow up and learn to control your temper when other people don't agree with you, then don't come out of that cave again. perhaps a sedative or some soothing tea might help, but i doubt it. just leave us alone and stay away from our country until you can act like an adult.