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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fair? Married Father Charged for Offering Girls a Ride Home During IL Snowstorm

A married father of three has been charged with disorderly conduct after offering two girls a ride home during a snowstorm in suburban Chicago. Though he maintains that it is all a misunderstanding, he faces a $750 fine if convicted.

Rodney Peterson said that on March 2, after getting gas, “I just noticed these girls, that they had no umbrella, no coats or hood or something of that nature and I just felt like I should help.” He said he rolled down his window, asked if they needed a ride, and after one of the girls said “We’re OK,” he continued driving.

Peterson said he thought nothing of it until three days later, when the police came knocking. According to the CBS 2 report, Peterson listened in disbelief as he was told that the girls had reported their encounter, and he was being charged with disorderly conduct for alarming and disturbing the girls.

Police maintain that if Peterson was worried about the welfare of the girls, he should have called 911.



lmclain said...

And who would respond? The police, who won't even stop to help a person with a flat tire, or give them a ride to the nearest gas station, you know, that "serving" part of the "protect and serve"? Or maybe the fire department, who would send, what, a fire truck or an ambulance? The report says they said "no thanks" and without further ado, he drove away. He didn't INSIST or try to convince them to get in the car, or get out and try to force them into the car. He just tried to help. Which used to be the normal thing, until we were convinced (by you-know who) that anyone trying to HELP you MUST have a nefarious motive. Only politicians fit THAT bill.

mack said...

WOW, Anther new member of the SEX OFFENDERS LIST..HURRY up get him on it and save the world.....

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Good Samaritan? Just as Imclain said, he didn't try to insist or push the issue! Guess I will have to just continue driving past when I see an elderly lady stranded on the side of the road for fear of being arrested. What has this world come to?

Anonymous said...

LOL, sounds like BS to me! Every man, especially a parent, knows you don't approach someone's child especially young girls.

Anonymous said...

The police is basically worthless they can't catch robbers or do anything but try getting there pay check because the police don't have much money left and I remember abut 3 years ago that they were asking for donations I wouldn't mind if they were fireman because most of them are volunteers but the police officers it there job the police ignores when they break the law but not when someone else because they where doing all kind of things to get money enforcing the law so that it doesn't make scents and only they benefit from it holding up traffic asking for donations (this was in Virgina) and speeding not to catch a criminal but because there late for something.