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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


These two crazy guys should be branded domestic terrorists and thrown into prison without charges. How dare they suggest diplomacy, when everyone knows that war with Iran is the only thing that can save us from imminent nuclear annihilation. These libertarians and ex-marines must be stopped from talking so reasonably. The American people can’t be told the truth. That would spoil all the fun.

Nuclear Iran Is an Exaggerated Threat
by Malou Innocent and Jonathan Owen

Malou Innocent is a foreign policy analyst at the Cato Institute. Jonathan Owen is a former Marine infantry officer.

Added to on March 8, 2012

This article appeared in New York Daily News on March 8, 2012.

The Republican presidential hopefuls, Ron Paul excepted, would prefer a more bellicose response to Iran’s nuclear aspirations than President Obama’s current stance.
But a more aggressive policy could lead to another war in the Middle East, or at least a regime in Tehran more committed to seeking a nuclear bomb.

The assumption that a short war of limited strikes will keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon is flawed. Damage to Iran’s nuclear program from such a strike would be modest, likely requiring more strikes in another few years or a longer-term presence on the ground.

James Clapper, U.S. director of national intelligence, said an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities would set back its nuclear program by one to two years. U.S. military action every few years is an unmanageable strategy.


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