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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

AARP Back In Bed With Effort To Cut Social Security And Medicare

Wow, the AARP must be taking lessons from the Democratic Party, that you can afford sell out your putative base if you do the bidding of really big moneyed interests.

In case you missed this saga (it wasn’t one we posted on till now) in June last year, AARP’s board approved supporting Social Security cuts. That followed a multi million dollar ad campaign against the very same stance. They planned to sell the future of old people living off dog food to the membership via a series of town hall meetings.

The backlash from the membership led to the purge of the policy chief John Rother, who was made a scapegoat.

The latest development, reported in the Huffington Post, shows the housecleaning didn’t go far enough. AARP members need to demand resignation of all directors who are behind this scheme, which is probably all of them. Protests at their homes might be necessary to rein in an board which is so insistently defying its members wishes and interests.


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Anonymous said...

AARP lost us when they stood behind Obamacare. They won't see anymore of our money!!