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Friday, December 09, 2011

Presidential Candidate Tom Miller Is In Washington, D.C. Today And You're NOT Going To Believe This

Mr. Miller is at the Doubletree Hotel, (a VERY expensive Hotel) in Washington, D.C. where a three day conference is currently going on for LOW INCOME IMIGRANTS RIGHTS.

He just happened to be at the Hotel when he noticed this conference. While he was taking this image, the SEIU Union Thugs confronted him asking, what are you doing?

Absolutely Amazing!


Anonymous said...

Mr Miller must have boo-coo bucks to still be in the race and staying in very expensive hotels, without a chance of being elected. What did he tell SEIU, as obviously they did not remove the picture from his possession?

Anonymous said...

It's not his bucks. It's the people/corporations that contribute to his campaign.