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Friday, December 09, 2011

Lost Dog

I am hoping that you will post this information on your website; flyer with picture attached. My dog, Gus, wandered away from our home on Tuesday, December 6th. He was last seen by a neighbor around 9pm in a field on our farm. He is completely blind and mostly deaf. He also has congestive heart failure, but has been on a successful treatment for this and has been in very good health. However, he has not had his medicine since Tuesday morning, and may be coughing quite a bit at this point. He also is unable to walk in a straight line because he is blind, so he will walk in zig-zags and circles. Gus weighs about 20 pounds and looks like a Golden Retriever on Dachshund legs (he is very short). His collar is a faded red color. He is likely very frightened and may not let anyone near him. Please call my phone at any time if you see him. 410-430-2494. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Where is your farm?

Anonymous said...

Mt. Vernon Rd. Princess Anne

Anonymous said...

chances are good he went off to find a place for his eternal rest.

Anonymous said...

6:22 AM
They would still want to find him, and there seems little point in posting a comment such as yours that only adds to the owners' anguish. Say a prayer for him and those who love him. It's a better use of your time.

Anonymous said...

11:09 AM

Either there has been a sudden increase in the number of jerks commenting on here or it's the same jerk doing multiple posts you are speaking to.

I think it is the latter.